Week 4 Reading

#TempleSocEd Housing inequality and residential segregation plays a major role in educational inequality. Housing and education are directly intertwined as families who earn low incomes are forced to live in urban areas where the schools lack resources and are considered as high poverty schools. These students are also affected by health issues due to these areas which suffer from various types of pollution. During the Great Migration many African Americans relocated to Chicago. These African Americans according to Ewing were met with violence and restrictions that limited their housing options. Students and students of color in particular experience educational inequality because of residential segregation , this happens when persons are forced into different areas because of race and income level. People of color are forced to live in areas with cheaper rent and subsidized housing, while Whites lived in richer areas.“Through formal and informal means, black Chicagoans were literally kept in place.” This quote from the reading really stood out to me as it shows how much Black people have been oppressed in every way possible.

A solution to this these issues could be to defund private schools. The funding of private schools simply goes to show that racism is still alive and well. In private schools there are mostly white students, these students are coming from high income families in better zip codes. Students in the private school their families are already able to afford these schools and the activities which student partake in at school. Public schools on the order hand, have mostly people of color, the students are from low income families. These are the schools which needs to be funded so that students in public schools can have the same opportunity as those in private schools. According to Perry “ Public schools are not the problem. Racism is. Parents don’t need to escape hatches; we need states to remove the structures that inhibit public school districts that serve Black and Brown children.”



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