Taherah Lynch
2 min readSep 6, 2020

Week 2 Reading


Hearing the phrase “educational inequality” makes me think of the many individuals who are not able to gain access to the educational opportunities that are available due to the main factor being low income in families . Hearing that phrase also makes the think about the issues that urban school face in terms of low funding, unqualified teachers and limited resources like technological devices and books. This is also the unfair and unequal distribution of the resources available for everyone to take advantage of. This sadly is based on ones race, where they live and income equality among families. As Prudence Carter mentioned in the article “Educations Limitations and its Radical Possibilities”, “Those born in poor and working poor families have less than a 10% chance, on average, of reaching the upper quintile of earnings- although according to Chetty and colleagues, their chances vary by region.” This stood out to because it is sad to think that based on where someone is from they are not able to move up the income ladder because their opportunities and access to resources may be limited even if they skilled or have the urge to become educated. Issues such a these are found predominantly in a the Black and Latin race, while reading the article “Students and University Growing up Together” I found Jesus’s response to be very empowering, being a Latino and in the possible that he is in, he feels to proud to see other students look at him and think to themselves that they are able to do this is why every person apart of minority groups to strive for excellence and break educational inequality.

In high school I did not learn much about American history so the podcast was very interesting to me as it helps with increasing my knowledge about the origins of America and some facts of slavery. What I found interesting was the discussion about Thomas Jefferson and him writing that all men are equal yet from a previous class it was mentioned that Jefferson was a slave owner.