Week 1 reading

Taherah Lynch
2 min readAug 30, 2020

#TempleSocEd COVID-19 has definitely been an eye opener for quite a number persons worldwide. What is now considered to be the norm is something would be seen in movies and think that something like this would never take place in the world we live in , but here it is now with persons trying to adjust daily and taking it a step at a time. Both readings were quite interesting as they both highlighted and discussed issues that many persons still have. The article “Colleges Are Deeply Unequal Workplaces” written by Jeffrey Selingo discusses what could be considered as the inequality among the different branches of employees at universities. It is very evident that most universities have failed to consider the safety of everyone mainly the campus staff those are the cooks, dining workers and maintenance crew. It is absolutely absurd that some universities only focus on the safety of faculty and students, but what about the staff who are still required to be at work even with outbreaks still rising. The lack of support that staff receive from universities is truly a shame since these are the persons who are on the frontline and play a major role in the operations of universities.

The reopening of schools has been one of the most controversial topics since the shut down in March. In the article “There Are Other Options Besides Reopening Schools” Fetters mentions that the government pushes for the reopening of schools to ensure economic recovery which then would also allow parents to go back to work and rebuild the economy. When in fact reopening schools could actually worsen the number of outbreaks and putting more persons at risk of contracting the virus. Though schools provided much support for parents and socialization that students need the author made a very valid point that there are other solutions but implementing these solution would require much more time, effort, creativity and money which the government evidently would rather do. The government should prioritize the safety and health of the people in the country instead of the rebuilding of the economy.

Finally, CNN reported that there has been over 1000 confirmed cases of the virus at the University of Alabama since classes resumed. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/29/us/university-of-alabama-covid-19-cases-trnd/index.html This proves the fact that reopening schools proves to be more harmful than good.